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"My Five Favorite Thrillers" by Stephenie Meyer

ChemistTo say Stephenie Meyer is a household name is to put it mildly. Her Twilight series and her novel The Host were huge bestsellers that were turned into successful films as well. Now, with her newest novel The Chemist, she makes her first foray into the thriller genre.

In light of that, here are Stephenie Meyer's five favorite thrillers.


 Sleeping Dogs by Thomas Perry

B1"The only thrillers I reread with frequency are the books in the Butcher's Boy series by Thomas Perry. Sleeping Dogs is the middle book of the trio, but it's the one that has always spoken to me most. (I'm not sure what it says about me personally that I go back again and again to imagine myself in the footsteps of a brutal and ruthless killer, but it's probably not great.) There's just something about the mountain of overwhelming odds piling higher and higher against the nameless assassin, and how he always finds a way to think and shoot himself out of any situation. A lot of my love for assassins was developed thanks to the Butcher's Boy."


Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn

B2"Before Hollywood ever tried to create a hostile takeover of the White House, Vince Flynn had created the perfect white-knuckle version of that worst case scenario. Mitch Rapp is the perfect hero: smarter, faster, and more effective than anyone else in the room. But even though you know Rapp is an unstoppable force, Vince Flynn still manages to make you sweat it out while you wait for him to save the day."


The Rainmaker by John Grisham

B3"This is my favorite legal thriller, perhaps because it feels the most real. As someone who's been on the receiving end of shady insurance company tactics, it was cathartic to read a story where the bad guys were unequivocally evil, the good guy was as much an everyman as any lawyer protagonist has ever been, and the resolution was as satisfying as it was realistically toothless."


Rook by Daniel O'Malley

B4"99% of the time, if you add a little of the supernatural or a bit of sci-fi to a story, I'm going to love it that much more. The Rook is robust thriller with a lot of humor (another element I'm never going to say no to), a complicated female protagonist I found it easy to identify with, and a big dose of superhuman abilities and danger. I don't know the rules—maybe this makes it not a true thriller, but I don't care. It's a thrilling read regardless."


The Bourne series of Movies

B5"I know I'm breaking the rules now, but the Bourne series of movies is one of those rare exceptions that makes the rule. I can't think of any other adaptation of which I can say, "I like the movie better." But the creators of the films took the raw material from Ludlum's book series and transformed them into a much more visceral, compelling, and haunting experience. This is the only circumstance in which I will tell someone they don't have to read the book first."




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