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Use Your Words: "The Emotionary"

Emotionary200Do you ever have the experience of not being able to find the right word to describe what you're feeling?  We've all been there, especially when it comes to love, weird anxiety, and of course, other people...

The Emotionary gives us words where we had none, and who knows, maybe some of them will become part of the pop culture lexicon and make their way into Webster's at some point.  It could happen--remember when Google was just a search engine and not a verb?

Here are some sample pages, see anything from your life?


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Clearly this one applies across all relationship stages...

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Most recently it was pickle slices or pickle chips?  Don't judge.

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This most reminds me of when someone in my house tells me they unloaded the dishwasher in a tone of voice that suggests they invented the thing.

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