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Go on a Book Bender: 4 Excellent Series with 10+ Books for Romance Binge-Readers

Binge readerI don't know about where you are, but here in Seattle, we're balanced on the soggy edge between autumn and winter. That's binge-reading time!

I'm always happy to enter into a long-term reading relationship with a prolific and talented writer during the dark and dreary months, and I hope you are, too. Here are a handful of authors whose series will suck you in and keep you happily reading deep into the winter.

The Look of LoveBella Andre: The Sullivans
– Bella Andre has mastered the challenge of combining red-hot chemistry with vibrant emotion to create big-hearted books that will make you sigh happily as her couples struggle through solving their problems and finding true love. This series revolves around the powerful and far-flung Sullivan family. Each book can be read alone, but try starting with The Look of Love, which launches the core nine books in the Sullivans series. Then branch out to the Seattle Sullivans (five books) and the New York Sullivans (book two releases November 16).

Weekend WarriorsFern Michaels: The Sisterhood – Michaels has a dedicated fan base that thrills to each new addition to her Sisterhood series, in which strong women right wrongs in a tough world. Book one, Weekend Warriors, starts the crew of vigilante women on their mission of obtaining justice no matter what the cost. Michaels' romances often have a sweeter side--but these are more rough-and-tumble. Crash and Burn, the 27th book in the Sisterhood series, hits shelves in very late December--just in time to use those gift cards you got in your stocking.

The Darkest NightGena Showalter: Lords of the Underworld – If paranormal romance gives you the happy shivers, Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series stars twelve immortal warriors who, in their hubris, stole Pandora's box and opened it--and now, thousands of years later, they are still paying the price for their mistake. Demons, gods, hellhounds, and more are among the cast of characters, but the stars are the immortals who have to fight their way out of darkness and mend their souls. Showalter leavens the stories with just-right dollops of humor, and the sex scenes sizzle. Launch your new paranormal obsession with The Darkest Night.

Highland DestinyHannah Howell: Murray Family – Howell begins her long-running Murray Family series in fifteenth-century Scotland, when real men were Highlanders and liked to say stuff like "wee" and "canna." Interclan warfare, secret identities, arranged marriages, and evil husbands or stepfathers get the plots rolling, but the real action revolves around the love-struck heroes and heroines. The intimacy scenes are painted in broad strokes instead of fine detail; the heroes run to the alpha side, and their women love them for it. Start with Highland Destiny.

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