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Weekend Reading

KremlinIn this edition of Weekend Reading, Putin, body-snatching aliens, and...hamsters! (you need a palate cleanser after the first two).

Jon Foro: In this edition of Weekend Reading, body snatching aliens, Putin, and...kittens (I wish). I'll take some time to brush up on my Russian oligarchs with Mikhail Zygar's All the Kremlin's Men. Zygar, who founded Russia's only independent TV station, presents portraits of Vladimir Putin's inner circle, illustrating how their knee-jerk reactions to external events have led confusion and often disastrous, policy-free action. The question: Does Putin pull the strings, or do his advisers pull his? Seems a good time to ask.

Adrian Liang: I aim to absorb a bunch of good science fiction this weekend: The Tourist by Robert Dickinson, about tourists from the future who time-travel back to the 21st century...and then something goes wrong. I just cracked open yesterday and it had a promising start. I also have my eye on J. P. Smythe's Way Down Dark, set aboard an ark-like spaceship that has been traveling for generations in search of a new planetary home for its passengers and has, in that time, devolved into violence as people battle to survive on limited resources. And finally, I will make time to read Wesley Chu's The Rise of Io, featuring a con woman who accidentally gets possessed by a body-swapping alien. I enjoyed his books Time Salvager and Time Siege immensely, so this will be a real treat.

Seira Wilson: I started Darling Days earlier this week so intend to finish that one—it's a memoir of glamorous, gritty, downtown New York in the 1980s and a young man shaped by a larger-than-life mother who did things her own way with both tragic and transcendent results. For something a little different, I'm also going to read Time Traveling With a Hamster a fun middle grade adventure about the hazards and hiccups of traveling back in time to change the present.

Erin Kodicek: I'm excited to check out one of the most highly anticipated releases this fall--Zadie Smith's, Swing Time. The author of White Teeth (remember her?!) returns with a novel about dancing--obviously--fraught friendships, and the meaning of being truly free. Sign me up.


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