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"The Things That Matter" - A Conversation with Nathan Hill


I was going to call this post "The Things That Matter Most to You Can Sometimes Hurt You the Worst," but that seemed depressing. Nathan Hill is not a depressing guy, and neither is his book. But in the video below, he did use those words to describe the unofficial theme of his debut novel The Nix.

Nathan Hill is the "It" author of this big fall book season. His debut is a best seller, Meryl Streep and J.J. Abrams have teamed up to work on the television series based on the novel, and John Irving compared Hill to Dickens. Charles Dickens.

We caught up with Nathan Hill back in May, before his head was swollen by his incredible success. Actually, he was such a pleasure to talk to--grounded, engaged, and low key--that I'm sure his head is just fine. Nathan Hill deserves all the attention he is getting.

Here's our interview with Nathan Hill:

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