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New Books from Kevin Hearne!

In summer 2017, Del Rey Books will publish Besieged, a short story collection by Kevin Hearne. The stories will be set in the world of Hearne's New York Times bestselling The Iron Druid Chronicles. But that's not the only fantastic news from the desk of Kevin Hearne....

Amazon Book Review: At the moment, the Iron Druid Chronicles saga spans eight books and a number of novellas. Did you always envision the series as being so epic?

Kevin HearneKevin Hearne: I'd always envisioned writing nine books because nine was an important number in Irish paganism, but what I didn't expect was the fun I'd have writing short fiction to supplement the books. Having a platform for short stories and novellas has allowed me to tell some tales that would have been skipped otherwise. 

ABR: How do you keep track of everything—characters, their backgrounds, weapons, mythology?

KH: Is it weird to say it's been mostly in my head? Though it is getting unwieldy at this point. I plan on rereading the series from the beginning before writing the last novel just to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

ABR: Oberon is clearly a fan favorite character. Your website even has a black-and-white Oberon sketch for coloring-book enthusiasts. What's the loveliest Oberon-related thing a fan has done?

KH: I love it when people name their dogs Oberon (and sometimes Orlaith!) and send me pictures. Cute little Oberons everywhere. It's the best! Because, yeah, I love doggies.

ABR: The word on the street is that you're launching a new fantasy series next year titled The Seven Kennings. What can you tell us about that?

KH: The first book of the trilogy will be called A Plague of Giants, and I think it's supposed to be out in the fall of 2017. A continent is beset by an invasion of giants on either coast—albeit for different reasons—and the story follows eleven people as they try to salvage something meaningful in the wake of all the destruction. 

ABR: You were just at Comic-Con International in San Diego. What were some highlights for you?

KH: I got to see some old writer friends and meet some others for the first time that I've long admired. I got to meet Kate Elliott, for example, who is simply amazing, and I sat down with her and Victoria Schwab and we talked about existentialism and Norse paganism and Doctor Who. Utterly geeky, completely delightful. I was also stoked to see poster art of the upcoming Iron Druid comic. It looked fantastic.

ABR: What are you reading now or have read lately that you're enjoying the heck out of?

KH: If I may, I'd like to share two really interesting and well-written takes on werewolves. First is Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones, which I recently finished, and the second is The Devourers by Indra Das, which I'm reading now. They're thoughtful and unusual and the prose in each is kinda delicious. Highly recommended!

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