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Emojis That Take the Cake

Cakemoji200For those who love to use emojis, and you know who you are, there's a new cookbook that let's you speak emoji via cake. Yes, cake. The book is called Cakemoji* and with it one can create (among other things) a sparkly unicorn head, dog and cat faces, three different smiley face cakes, and--wait for it--poop cupcakes.  My daughter was thrilled when she saw that particular recipe on page 27.  Me? Not so much.  But I could definitely get behind that unicorn! 

The wacky creations take time (some more than others--see the difficulty level assigned to each), but the results are pretty spectacular.  Cakemoji thoughtfully provides templates for all the projects, and step-by-step photo instructions on everything from coloring frosting to working with fondant, rendering the whole thing less intimidating to me.  After all, emojis are fun and that's the whole point of these baking projects--enjoy yourself as you go. Below are some interior pages to give you an idea of all the emoji sweets you could be making right now...(click through to enlarge each image)

 *Cakemoji was selected as one of our editors' picks for the best cookbooks of August


DOG AND CAT CAKES - adorable, right?

Dog_Page19_300W Cat_page18_300W











POOP CUPCAKES - Okay, how could I not ask the author if we could share this page from the book? Still a very popular emoji and really quite versatile when you think about it...



UNICORN CAKE - Yay! Sparkly unicorns!



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