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The Best Mysteries & Thrillers of July

Last month was a great one for Mysteries & Thrillers, and this month continues that trend. Here's a sampling of titles that we included in our Best Mysteries & Thrillers of July. You can go here for the full list.


The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware - From the author of last year's best seller In a Dark, Dark Wood, comes a new thriller set on a cruise ship. Lo Blacklock is a travel writer who gets the assignment of a lifetime: a week on a luxury cruise with only a handfull of cabins. Filled with elegant guests, the Aurora begins her voyage into the North Sea. But as the wind whips up, so does the plot. Lo thinks she sees a woman being thrown overboard... but all guests are accounted for. What could possibly be happening? 


All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker - Amazon Senior Editor Seira Wilson puts it this way: "Okay, I'm not going to sugar coat this—the first chapter is a doozy. You will read about a teenage girl named Jenny being attacked, and as you might expect it's not a pretty picture. Now having said that, there's a good chance that this chapter will be far less difficult than what probably just popped into your mind, so fear not and forge ahead. All Is Not Forgotten is narrated by the psychiatrist to whom the victim and her family turn when a controversial memory drug turns out to have unanticipated consequences. Over the course of the novel there are a myriad of secrets, dropped like bread crumbs by the one who hears them all. In this small, idyllic Connecticut town there is plenty going on beneath the surface, particularly when it comes to the inner lives of the husbands and wives…Yes, there are a couple other brutal passages along the way, but it's worth wading through every one of them to reach the zinger at the end."


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch - "Blake Crouch is back with a science-fiction thriller that is fantastically terrifying," writes Amazon's Penny Mann. "His story of Jason Dessen, an instantly relatable husband and father, quickly sucks you in as you follow him to an innocent evening at a local bar where circumstances abruptly shift and Jason begins a battle to make sense of a series of mind-bending realities that provoke past fears, both realized and unknown. Dark Matter will not just hold your attention cover to cover, but will continue to confront you far past the last sentence."


The Black Widow by Daniel Silva - It appears that Daniel Silva's latest book is primed to become another instant best seller. The Black Widow takes off with an ISIS attack in Paris (there is an author's note at the beginning of the novel explaining that Silva began writing before the real-life events in Paris). His hero, Gabriel Allon, is poised to become the chief of Israel's secret intelligence service--but the event pulls him back into the field for one last time. Silva has written nearly 20 books in the Gabriel Allon series, and shows no signs of wear. He's one of my favorites.


How to Set a Fire and Why by Jesse Ball - Here's something a little different: Lucia's father is dead, her mother is in a mental hospital, and she's living in a garage-turned-bedroom with her aunt. And now she's been kicked out of school—again. Making her way through the world with only a book, a zippo lighter, a pocketful of stolen licorice, a biting wit, and the striking intel­ligence that she tries to hide, Lucia spends her days riding the bus to visit her mother and following the only rule that makes any sense to her: Don't do things you aren't proud of. But when she discovers that her new school has a secret Arson Club, she's willing to do anything to be a part of it, and her life is sud­denly lit up. As Lucia's fascination with the Arson Club grows, her story becomes one of misguided friendship and, ultimately, destruction.


You can go here for our full list of the Best Mysteries & Thrillers of July. 


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