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Jenny Lawson Is Publishing a New Book and It's Sort of a Coloring Book

Lawson2For those of you who know the pleasure of reading Jenny Lawson's books or blog, word of a new book on the horizon will come as really good news. This one is a little different, though: This book is sort of a coloring book. I write "sort of," because it's a hybrid. As Lawson describes it, "Several months ago I fell into a pretty heavy depression and it's one I'm still crawling out of.  I'm finally having more good days than bad, but one of the repercussions of this depression was that it made it almost impossible to write.  Or, I should say, it made it almost impossible to write long-form chapters.  I still wrote…but strange things that gave me strength to move forward in the dark.  Some funny, some silly, some irreverent, some dark and painfully honest. But for some reason my head wanted a picture for each one."

So there are pictures in this book to color, but there is also prose. I would call that a hybrid coloring book, but a better description must exist (or should). The book sounds pretty cool, regardless--possibly a way of getting deeper into Lawson's head than she's allowed us before... more immediate, more experiential, something that can be shared with the author.

After announcing her new book on her blog, Lawson came back a week later with the following screen grab -



That's Jenny Lawson's book right behind J.K. Rowling's little publishing juggernaut. So maybe this isn't news to you. Maybe you're one of the people who launched You Are Here to #2 on Amazon. But if not, check out Jenny Lawson's blog posts linked above to learn more about the book that's described as "part therapy, part best friend, part humor, part coloring book."



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