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Epic Reads: 4 SF and Fantasy Sagas to Sink Your Teeth Into

Epic Reads - Amazon Book Review - image by fotekWeekends? Longer (because you've been leaving the office a wee bit early on Friday, just like everyone else, assuming you even showed up in the first place).

Kids? Gone on sleepovers or at camp.

TV? Most of the great shows are on hiatus, and your couch now feels lonely.

Books? Oh, yeah. Bring on the epic reads!

Here are four series—one concluded and three still in process—that will hook you on new worlds.


Science Fiction:

Shards of HonorThe Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold (17 books; series ongoing) – Bujold's magic ingredient is not actually magic in this science fiction series (though if you do like magic in your books, I strongly recommend her fantasy series that starts with The Curse of Chalion). Rather, Bujold builds her stories from the heart out, with all-too-human motivations driving her epic story of the Vorkosigan clan and their attempts to bring peace to a broken galaxy. Shards of Honor (book 2) features the first appearance of the Vorkosigans, while the first book in the series, Falling Free, is set in the same universe sans Vorkosigans. Start with either book; you can't go wrong.


Ark RoyalArk Royal by Christopher Nuttall (8 books; series ongoing) – Military SF readers who enjoy the nitty-gritty of military hierarchy as much as space battles will find a great deal to enjoy in Nuttall's tales of Britain's space fleet. Wars with alien races as well as other Earth-based fleets keep our British spacers on edge, as do the political maneuverings of their fellow officers. Well crafted and savvy, these stories are set built around smaller, three-book story arcs. Launch your adventure with Ark Royal.


Urban Fantasy:

Magic BitesKate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews (9 books; series ongoing) – Ilona Andrews is a hilarious-in-person husband-and-wife writing team (see our August 2015 interview with them), and their sense of humor peppers their action-packed saga starring Kate Daniels, a sword-wielding mercenary living in Atlanta. When Kate's guardian is murdered, Kate investigates, getting up in the face of both the vampires and shapeshifters that try to dominate the city. Perfect for those who like their heroines to kick ass and take names. The series begins with Magic Bites, and that's where you should start too. As the books progress, Kate's parentage has a bigger impact on events than she could have ever imagined. Book 9, Magic Binds, releases in September 2016.  



The Briar KingThe Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone by Greg Keyes (4 books; series complete) – Keyes builds epic fantasy worlds like nobody's business. In this series, monsters defeated in the past are rising up again to destroy everything they encounter. A motley group of saviors must battle not only the escalating evil but their countrymen who either refuse to believe what's happening or see the chaos as an opportunity to seize power. Those who like Brandon Sanderson or Terry Brooks should thrive on the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone. Jump in with The Briar King.


What series have you been binge-reading?


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