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"You Can't Write S*** on Cough Syrup": Mishka Shubaly on Drinking, Running, and Writing

Amazon Book Review: Mishka Shubaly"This book is basically how I drank hard for almost 20 years and then stopped drinking without AA or rehab and then how I used running as a tool to get my head better, to become a human being again."

Fans of Mishka Shubaly's seven bestselling Kindle Singles or his music will be familiar with his themes: drinking (from a tender age), addiction, a bit of the usual debauchery, and, ultimately, redemption through long-distance running. Though it's a genre with a rich history--Bukowski, Mary Karr, and Burroughs (Augusten and William S.), to name a few--there's a real risk of downward spirals into banality and self-absorption. Fortunately, Shubaly has been gifted with the honesty, humor, insight, and writing chops to pull it off. While his first non-Single effort, I Swear I'll Make It Up to You, delves deeply into his experience of "being a penniless drunk," it's also an exploration of the tougher topics of family and the idea that one's problems just might originate with oneself. The best way out is always through.

Shubaly stopped by our offices to talk about the book, drinking, writing, and the inherent advantages of physical books when you need to hit your best friend on his head.



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