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Weekend Reading

The TreesIn this edition of Weekend Reading, ill-tempered trees, desperate times for desperate mothers, and our very own Jon Foro seeks closure...

Adrian Liang: This summer weekend I'm going to start The Hike by Drew McGary, which melds "elements of folk tales and video games into a riveting, unforgettable adventure," per the publisher. I'm hoping it's a bit like Ready Player One (which I'm listening to on audiobook now–Wil Wheaton does a great job reading it) but stars a grown-up. Following the nature theme, I also plan to read The Trees by Ali Shaw. Not a nice book about our towering friends, but a tale of trees gone wild and angry, like ants on the warpath. What's not to like?

Seira Wilson: In between making a birthday cake and binge watching Orange is the New Black I'm going to finish And I Darken -a YA novel of the Ottoman empire, Vlad Dracul, and no shortage of political intrigue. I'm also looking forward to Louis Bayard's first young novel, Lucky Strikes. I loved his adult books (The Pale Blue Eye and Mr. Timothy ) and this story of a young girl trying to outsmart child services and keep her family together in the wake of the Great Depression looks like another solid read. 

Erin Kodicek: I'm going to check out Dave Eggers's novel, Heroes of the Frontier. Truth be told, Eggers is a bit hit or miss for me (his fiction typically more in the latter category), but I've been hearing good things about this story of a woman who would rather her children be in the company of bears and moose than the family of her ex's fiancé. To that end, she kidnaps the kids and schleps them through the wilds of Alaska. Once the novelty of this ill-begotten adventure wears off, a very dangerous reality sets in...

Jon Foro: Patty Hearst's kidnapping on February 4, 1974 has to be one of the weirdest, wildest, most incredible stories of the seventies, and that's saying something. I was six years old, and while I was aware of the news, I had no idea what was happening.  What is an heiress, and who are the Hearsts? What is the Symbionese Liberation Army? Why was she helping her captors rob a bank--with a machine gun? Stockholm Syndrome? What the hell is going on? I'm only six! So I am a bit excited to dig into Jeffrey Toobin's (The Nine, The Run of His Life, The New Yorker, etc.) take in August's American Heiress. I need closure.


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