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Tote-Awesome Beach Bags for Books and Kindles

amazon book reviewReaders, the lake is calling. A beach is beckoning. Your backyard deck is requesting your presence.

Pack up a cool tote bag with your book(s) of choice and give yourself a well-deserved holiday. Need some book recommendations? Check out our picks for the best books of the year so far, and plunge into a great read.


It Can Carry All the Books

Canvas bagThe first customer question for this tote bag is "Would this work well for carrying a lot (20+) of children's hardcover books?" Oh, yes indeed. This heavy-duty canvas tote bag has 4.8 stars from 93 reviewers, proving that its durability and design is top-notch.

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Chill, Dude

Tote with KindleThis brightly colored bag has room for all sorts of stuff, plus your Kindle can be tucked into the front pocket (see photo). What grabbed my attention is that the bottom of the bag is a cooler that can hold items you want to keep chilled, like sodas, sparkling water, or fresh fruit. (Or margaritas.)

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The Greatest Adventure Is What Lies Ahead

AndsotheThis bag is popular as a gift for newlyweds, but really, shouldn't we all wake up every day and think, "And the adventure begins"? For a reader, that adventure can be either your own real-life adventure or the one playing out in the paperback book that you tuck into this simple tote. I'm a fan of bags with light-colored interiors, as that makes it much easier to find items trying to hide inside. My only quibble is the comma missing before "darling."

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The Wicked Witch Isn't the Only One Who Dislikes Water

Water-resistent toteWater resistant. Do I have to say more? Whether you read paper books or use a Kindle, keeping your reading implement dry is essential. Plus the designs are simple but stylish, adding a splash of sophistication.

See more: NNEE® Water Resistance Nylon Tote Bag & Multiple Pocket Design


Epic Reads Ahead!

IlikebigbooksThe tag line on this tote proclaims you to be a reader of massive tomes and a possessor of great intellect. Again a customer has asked about the sturdiness of the bag: "Is anyone hauling around large children's books in this bag? Every trip to the library has me carrying about ten books. Thank you!" Again, readers answer, Affirmative, bookworm!

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What are your must-have items for a trip to the beach?


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