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YA Wednesday: Tips from a Star-Touched Queen

StarTouchedQueen200I'm really enjoying the run of recent YA novels (series, really) about young women thrust into positions of power in foreign lands, who endure serious hardships, romantic entanglements, and agonizing choices.  Maya, the protagonist of The Star-Touched Queen is just such a woman. 

Author Roshani Chokshi's debut features strong world-building and a blend of folklore and magic that reminds me of The Wrath and the Dawn and The Winner's Curse. But there is an otherworldly magic and mythology that has more in common with Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  Any way you cut it, The Star-Touched Queen is one to read.*  In the exclusive list below, Chokshi channels her Otherworldly queen, Maya.  If you haven't read the book yet, some entries on this list may furrow your brow, but don't despair--once you get started it will all make perfect sense...

(*The Star-Touched Queen is one of our picks for the Best YA Books of May)


10 Life Hacks Of An Otherworldly Queen

No one likes to wield immeasurable and untold powers feeling less than her best or feeling like time (even if you've got it on a literal rope) keeps getting away from you. Let these top ten life hacks — from handling immortal nemeses to the occasional wardrobe crisis — ensure that each of your days is nothing short of legendary.

1. Slept in? Keep your Resplendence game on point by placing constellations in a jar next to your vanity table before you go to bed. Use the constellations as hair pins, brooches or accent accessories. (No one can tell you're groggy when you're rocking a literal star.)

2. Opt for transportation reflective of your scene. If the Underworld is your arena, flaunt it! Three-headed dogs are boring and flesh-eating demon horses are subversive *and* trendy. Capture your own by setting up a friendly peace offering of charred bones near your local cremation grounds.

3. We all know horoscopes are a necessary evil. Destiny is that aunt who shows up at a party, criticizes your house, and says vaguely uncomfortable things all through dinner. Best to treat horoscopes the same way. Nod politely, and let your eyes go unfocused. (You know what happens when you try to control something too closely.)

4. Vast palace? Too many rooms and doors that you don't remember existing only a second ago? Don't sweat it. (Ha! Like you could). Keep your unearthly palace organized with a series of singing keys, each melody a hint to what lies behind it.

5. If an immortal arch nemesis rears his or her head from your past, don't waste interviewing the universe on his or her motives. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Keep a tree full of memories on hand, so you can pull out the past, examine it, and plot your counterattack with efficiency and enigma.

6. Controlling mortal lives is difficult. And exhausting. Keep them all in one place with the use of a Tapestry! Plus, the colors and shimmers of entire lifespans is the perfect conversation piece for guests and enemies.

7. Just because you're juggling the known and unknown world doesn't mean you can't make time for romance. If you can't leave your realm, outfit your nest with all the amenities of a perfect staycation. Plan ahead by creating a corridor of Autumn. Escape the summer heat with a Winter Room. Take picnics in a garden of glass with wishes all around you.

8. Naps are always in order, but being a Queen means they're difficult to come by. Always stay fresh and energized with a bottle of sleep on hand. One blink = one week.

9. Cut down time on quests with a simple mantra: trust yourself.

10. Dry shampoo.


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