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Weekend Reading: Mother's Day Edition

Weekend Reading-Amazon Book ReviewNormally this is where the Amazon editors wax on about what's on our to-read piles, but with Mother's Day approaching, it seemed only fitting that we dedicate this edition of Weekend Reading to some of the very special women who nurtured our love of the written word (and we are ever so grateful, for that, and so much more). So without further ado, this is what our Moms are reading:

Toni Wood (Adrian Liang's Mom): I enjoy reading histories, factual or not. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was my favorite one to read this year. It's hard to believe that France was so dangerous only 75 years ago, since it has been a major tourist destination in my lifetime. Since reading the book, I've talked to a friend who grew up at the same time and experienced some of the same events.

I've also enjoyed reading Mary Balogh's Survivors Club series about a group of fictional men and one woman who survived the Peninsular War in Spain. However, their road to recovery took years. It was a good romance series which dealt with both physical and emotional issues to be met and conquered.

Recently I began The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I'm taking notes and may put it into practice after the gardens are put in. (Or maybe not. It may be more fun to sit back, enjoy my garden, and read a new romance.)

Cynthia Kodicek (Erin Kodicek's Mom): I'm currently reading Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power by Jon Meacham. This is one serious and slow-cooker read! (I read while cooking!) I am now through 250 out of 500 laborious pages.  Laborious = kinda boring unless you are a history teacher, which I am not.  To be fair, the author portrays the complicated Thomas Jefferson in a very astute manner. I continue to read the remainder of the book because I am learning so much about history that parallels modern day.  Mr. Jefferson was tenacious in implementing policies he felt were best for the country at a time of great political upheaval.  At the same time, in his steadfastness, Mr. Jefferson was known for being kind and respectful of opponents who did not share his opinions (take note 2016 candidates!).

And this is a little off topic, but, there can be no better connection between Mother and Daughter than discussing a good book!  You get to know each other in a very deep and intimate way.  Can't wait to get my Mother's Day book!  Hint, hint!

Vicki Smith (Penny Mann's Mom): I was just looking at the books I have been reading lately and was amazed to see that the last 3 books I've read (including what I am now reading) have dealt with "Mothers" in very different ways.

The Yellow Crocus by Liala Ibrahim showed the awesome love a young slave girl had for her child. Even though Mattie had to love her own child from a distance, she never lost her love nor gave up hope to once again be together.

What a different story in The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt.  Proving that wealth and fame may not necessarily keep a family close, with wonderful communication.  Yet, showing there's no time limit for learning and listening to each other.

I'm now reading Mother, Can You Not? by Kate Siegel which just shows Mothers (and daughters in this case)  must keep a sense of humor at any age.  I laugh out loud at some of the things I may have said and grateful for all the things I certainly didn't say. 

All of these wonderful books show that being a Mother doesn't stop...and it pays to keep open lines of communication and love at the top of "Mom's To-Do List."

Seira Wilson's Mom: My mom just had her hip replaced so she's doing A LOT of reading this week.  Right now she's on LaRose by Louise Erdrich and loving it. She's a huge Erdrich fan already so no big surprise she's enjoying this one. We were talking about what she's read lately and she thought The Yid by Paul Goldberg was delightful and asked me to get her a physical copy because she'd read it on her Kindle. Also on her bedside table (i.e.: books I brought home for her): The Last Painting of Sara De Vos and Flight of Dreams.

Finally, we also want to honor the Moms who are no longer with us, but greatly missed...

Sara Nelson: My mother always told me to ignore Mother's Day, that it was a made-up holiday and that, besides, I should love her every day of the year. I told my son pretty much the same thing: hold the flowers, just a cheerful phone call or text will do me fine. (Though every once in a while a pair of earrings bought at the flea market can be nice, too). But since my mother died in November 2014, I feel a little differently about the holiday – how dare people take their moms for granted, I say. Anyway, I grew up with a mother who gave me books and she grew old with a daughter giving her books...then large print books...then audio books. But if I can't give my mother a book this Mother's Day, I can, maybe, reread some of the books she gave me, with which I will forever associate her. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Marjorie Morningstar and...wait for it...that racy feminist icon, Fear of Flying. Clearly, June Nelson was a woman ahead of her time. Happy Mother's Day, All!

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