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May's Celebrity Picks: Julianna Margulies

JuliannaMargulies_CREDIT_Alexei_Hay_200 Julianna Margulies is a well-known actor, currently starring on The Good Wife, a role for which she has won multiple awards.  Margulies is also one of three sisters and as children they had their own story, created by their father and told to them many times over the years. 



ThreeMagicBalloons200In memory of her father, Paul Margulies, Julianna now shares his story, The Three Magic Balloons, in a beautifully illustrated picture book.  Margulies is our May celebrity, sharing not only her father's work, but also a peek at her personal life in the form of three recent books she's read and loved.

*author photo credit Alexei Hay

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Humphrey (series of thirteen books for eight-year-olds and up) By Betty G. Birney
These books have completely taken over our bedtime reading. The first one is called The World According to Humphrey, and my son and I are reading every single one together. Humphrey is a classroom hamster who can understand what humans are saying, and he tries to help all his classmates with their problems. He also gets to go home every weekend with a student and learns about their home life. Uplifting, adventurous, educational, and so sweet. Such a fun read.

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Gratitude By Oliver Sacks
Stunning work. Oliver wrote these four essays at the end of his life as he was coming to terms with his own death. He describes his predominant feeling as one of gratitude. Reading this book makes you look at life differently. To be grateful, thankful, and mindful. I keep this book by my bedside and constantly reread it. I think I will be reading this book for the rest of my life.

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 M Train By Patti Smith
I read her previous book, Just Kids, too quickly. I couldn't get enough of it. So I decided to take my time with M Train. Smith is such a lyrical writer. She paints every page with the most moving images and tremendous feelings. Sometimes I felt like I was in a dream as I read it. I could smell the coffee she wrote about, feel the weather, see the places she traveled to, and feel the pain of her loss. I also realized how much I need to learn from her. The authors she writes about made me realize how little I know, but not in a condescending way—it invites you to learn who they are. I started making a list of anyone or anything I didn't know about, so that the book will carry on through my learning.
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