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Amazon's Best Books of May: Today's Releases

Valiant Ambition-Amazon Book ReviewYou may think there isn't much new to learn about about, say, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, the Rolling Stones...And hey, maybe you're right. But these Best of the Month selections, available starting today, demonstrate that very gifted storytellers can entertain and enlighten anyway. 

Senior Editor Adrian Liang was especially keen to check out Nathaniel Philbrick's Valiant Ambition: Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution, having spent her childhood years traipsing near the battlefields, steeping in American history...Because of this, however, she was dubious that the book would have any surprises on offer. But Philbrick proved her wrong. "Riveting and relevant," this book "explodes the myth that a triumphant revolution was inevitable."


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The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones by Rich Cohen
In his review of Rich Cohen's latest book, Senior Editor Jon Foro asks: "Does the world really need another book about the Rolling Stones?" The answer is a resounding yes. Just like the band, "it's personal, a little bit transgressive, and a hell of a lot of fun."

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LaRose by Louise Erdrich
Also on sale starting today, the latest novel from National Book Award winner, Louise Erdrich. Editorial Director Sara Nelson says that, "If you haven't read Erdrich before, LaRose is a good a place to start; if you have, you won't want to skip this lovely, smart addition to the canon."

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