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Welcome to National Poetry Month

Amazon Book ReviewApril 1 is known for being April Fools' Day, but around here at the Amazon Book Review, we have poetry on our minds. That's because almost a dozen of our favorite authors tapped into their poet inside and penned an original poem in honor of the month. We editors also got into the spirit of things and wrote a few poems of our own.

To start National Poetry Month off with a bang, here are original poems from Rich Cohen, Kate DiCamillo, Chuck Klosterman, Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, and Amazon editorial director Sara Nelson.


KATE DiCAMILLO, author of Raymie Nightingale

I read like I breathe.
I need the inhale of words
the exhale of hope.


CYNTHIA D'APRIX SWEENEY, about her book The Nest

There once was a family named Plumb,
Though book-smart, their choices were dumb.
Now they are broke
And Leo's their hope
But can his heart (and pocket) be won?


CHUCK KLOSTERMAN, author of But What If We're Wrong?

It's the juice of life
To write as if from Japan
Home of Godzilla


SARA NELSON, editorial director

If there's one thing I know that I need
It's a great and spectacular read
When I don't have a book
My brain's stuck on half-cook
Like a horse who's gone off her feed


RICH COHEN, author of The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones

Best thing to say
On that first trip back home
Is "Sorry I missed you,
But I was traveling with the Stones."
26 and writing for a great music magazine
Having fallen into the record
like waking in a dream.
Mick, Keith, Charlie, crazy Ron Wood
And me dancing "Satisfaction" in the wings
like every fan should.
Years later I've turned it all into a book
The tours, the music, the history
and don't forget the look
Keith gave me when he discovered I was born
A year before the death of Brian Jones.
"You've never known a world without
the Sun and the Moon and the Rolling Stones."


The full page of original poems can be found here.

Happy National Poetry Month!


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