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Weekend Reading

Modern Lovers-Amazon Book ReviewIn this edition of Weekend Reading, delightfully dysfunctional Brooklynites, tech trends, and a novel that reminds us that even on Martha's Vineyard, bad things can happen.

Erin Kodicek: I am going to check out Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, a novel about a group of empty nesters grappling with midlife crisis, now that they have time to reflect on the hopes and dreams that were placed on the back burner when their children were born. While the topic isn't terribly original, Straub's take on it is supposed to be cleverly acerbic, and insightful (If it's anything like The Vacationers, it certainly will be).

Penny Mann: I have two books in the line-up for this weekend...I am also hoping their combined titles serve as an overall theme: The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly and Food and the City by Ina Yalof.

The Inevitable is Kelly's take on which technological trends will shape the next thirty years, and how those trends will transform our lives. It is said to be both proactive and optimistic - I welcome both. Following my geek-out on the future of technology, I am going to vicariously travel back to the east coast with Yalof's Food and the City to hear New York's pro chef's, line cooks, street vendors, and purveyors talk about what they do and why they do it!

Chris Schluep: Given the buzz around this book, I would have thought I'd read Before the Fall by Noah Hawley by now. It's a thriller written by the creator of the TV show Fargo. I've seen the movie, but not the show, so the Fargo connection is a little irrelevant. Anyhow, the story opens on a plane on Martha's Vineyard, which is a lovely place, although I get the feeling that some unlovely things are going to take place. Feels like a big book so far. 

Adrian Liang: Inspired by the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, I'm running the Shakespeare Character Duel over the weekend, in which our readers vote every day on who would win battles between Shakespeare characters. What I'm reading: Company Town by Madeline Ashby, which takes place off Newfoundland in the future, when people have all sorts of physical augmentations except for our heroine, Hwa, who is 100% organic. I want to start Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach—I've loved all her nonfiction books, which perfectly pair new knowledge with humor. And I'm going to begin Security by Gina Wohlsdorf, which is a thriller that takes place at an exclusive, high-security resort named Manderley (think Rebecca).

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