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Poetry Month: Original Poems from Rick Riordan, David Duchovny, Chuck Palahniuk, L.S Hilton

Poetrymonth-postgraphic-50Our celebration of National Poetry Month continues with original poems written by Rick Riordan, L.S. Hilton, Chuck Palahniuk, and David Duchovny.


RICK RIORDAN, channeling Apollo from The Trials of Apollo

Reading's pure pleasure
If the subject is awesome.
Like me, for instance.


L.S. HILTON, on her book Maestra

There once was a woman from Liverpool
Who was took by her boss for a fool.
So she travelled the Med
And left many men dead
And did things they don't teach at school…


CHUCK PALAHNIUK, author of Fight Club 2


Switch the initials
Donald Trump, Tyler Durden
No coincidence.


DAVID DUCHOVNY, author of Bucky F*cking Dent

There once was a Yankee named Bucky
Whose name rhymed with words quite unlucky
He beat the Sox
And New England's jocks
And made D. Duchovny quite lucky


lost: small white haiku
notebook, lined, half empty, half
full—if found, please read
  —Jason Kirk, senior editor, 47North


The full page of original poems can be found here.

Happy National Poetry Month!


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