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Poetry Month: Original Poems from Rick Yancey, Joe Hill, and Angela Duckworth

Rick Yancey haikuWe launched National Poetry Month on April 1 with poems from some of our favorite writers about their books or their love of books, but don't worry: The fun continues all month!

Here are original poems written by Rick Yancey, Seira Wilson, Joe Hill, and Angela Duckworth's eight-year-old daughter.


RICK YANCEY, on his book The Last Star

Sunlight falls away
from the land, and a single
star crushes the dark.



Double-stacked in the book case
How can I find one more place?
For another favorite tome
That must have a home
I think I just need much more space…


JOE HILL, author of The Fireman

Buy my book and you'll have my thanks
And what's more (to be terribly frank)
I'd be wild with glee
If you bought three
And picked up my Amazon sales rank


ANGELA DUCKWORTH - poem written by her daughter, age 8, about Grit:

Angela Duckworth studies grit;
Sticking to things,
Not throwing a fit.
Working real hard,
Practicing well,
If you are gritty,
Angie can tell.
Trying until you have it right,
Just like Edison and his light.
Grit will help you,
Later in life.
"Grit is good" says Jason's wife.
Messing up sometimes is okay.
But not trying at all?!
We give it a nay.
Being gritty might not be that fun,
But when racing, you've already half won.


The full page of original poems can be found here.

Happy National Poetry Month!


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