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Final Shakespeare Character Duel - Hamlet vs. Kate!

Amazon Book ReviewThe final duel pits Hamlet against Kate in a battle not to be missed! Vote at the end of the post to determine who will win - the mad prince of Denmark or the fiery shrew of Padua.

The last round matched Death against Villain and Magic against Clever Words. The bracket finalists were well matched, and neither bout was decided with a knockout blow. Prospero tripped himself up by prevaricating between using magic or his wits, and Kate's far wittier tongue pounded his ego into submission. Hamlet's years among the vipers of court helped him ignore Iago's feints and recognize his true attacks. Hamlet finally tricked Iago into admitting defeat.

Final four results




Now Hamlet and Kate face off. Who will win? You decide!

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Our huge thanks to Kill Shakespeare creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery for developing the brackets of this book duel and allowing us to use their great art!

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