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Celebrity Picks: Cameron Diaz

CameronDiazAuthorPhotoIf us regular folk think getting older is hard, imagine being a celebrity known for her beauty?  Our April celebrity picks come from actor Cameron Diaz, who wrote The Body Book in response to interviewers' persistent focus on her turning forty.  This month her follow-up, The Longevity Book released and it's message may surprise you coming from such a glamorous and much photographed actor. 

LongevityBook200Diaz isn't trying to preach the gospel of youth and how we can turn back the wrinkly hands of time.  Instead, she shares everything she's learned about how and why we age, the benefits of laughter and meditation, and how to live better within the context of aging.  For many of us, living a good life includes reading good books and below are three that Diaz chose as her favorite recent reads.



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 Poems From the Pond by Peggy Freydberg and Laurie David
Ms. Fredberg is truly inspirational as an artist and a human. She started writing poetry at 90 years old, and it's thought-provoking, soothing, existential and resolute. It's a beautiful, wise look at the human experience.

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 Wildflower by Drew Barrymore
The words on the page are as effervescent as her storytelling. They're so raw and honest. She's all at once hilarious and somber, ethereal and grounded, and the musical soundtrack in the background is so fun to get lost in.

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The Long and the Short of It by Jonathan Silvertown
Silvertown, an ecologist, relays such smart and funny theories and observations about immortality, life span, and longevity, and comes to them by examining the natural world through a historical and scientific lens.
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