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And the Winner of the Shakespeare Character Duel Is...

And the winner isLast week sixteen brave, tough, and sometimes insane Shakespeare characters faced off against each other to determine who would be the ultimate champion. Some battles were lopsided, such as the duel between Richard III and Aaron, in which the killer king took down the murderous plotter from Titus Andronicus in a few swift moves. More battles were tightly fought, with the challengers tangling until the last few minutes--like the brawl between Puck and the Weird Sisters in round one.

The final duel between Hamlet (Hamlet) and Kate (The Taming of the Shrew) began as an even matchup as the two contestants feinted and parried with both words and weapons. As the battle progressed, Kate slowly but surely drew ahead. Perhaps her years of verbal swordplay led extra strength to her blows. Perhaps Hamlet's early death robbed him of the expertise needed to get the upper hand. Or, as you can see from Kate's expression below, she had a lot--a LOT--of anger powering her when anyone else's energy would have flagged.

Kate-180In the last half of the bout, Kate hammered Hamlet over and over again. When the bell rang, the champion of the Bracket of Clever Words stood triumphant over the champion of the Bracket of Death.





Thanks to everyone who voted in our latest book duel, and enormous thanks to Kill Shakespeare creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery for developing the brackets of this book duel and allowing us to use their great art!

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