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Round 2 Results for the Great Literary Tournament

R2-post graphicIt's getting messy, folks!

We received almost 20,000 votes to whittle the bracket down to these sixteen book characters who are still (barely) standing after their hard-fought skirmishes. 

Fun facts about round two:

  • Carrie (from Stephen King's Carrie) and Marvel's Black Widow fought the closest duel, with Black Widow coming out on top with 54% of the vote.
  • The biggest upset was Deadpool's defeat by Jo March from Little Women. Jo took 55% of the total vote, and her strongest support came on Facebook, where she won 79% of the votes cast there.
  • Another nineteenth-century character beat the modern challenger with Mr. Darcy's domination of Big Brother (1984), in which Mr. Darcy took 69% of the votes. Go, Darcy!
  • Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) took the biggest win of the round, defeating Pi (Life of Pi) with 82% of readers' votes. Some might say that this could have been predicted, but remember Jo March and Deadpool. Upsets happen.


The updated bracket is below. Click to enlarge.


Round three begins on Wednesday, so remember to check our Facebook page and Twitter feed to vote for which character you think would win in a battle of brains and brawn.

Round four is Thursday, round five is Friday, and the finalists will face off on Monday, March 28.

Any guesses on who will be the ultimate champion?


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