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Michael Connelly and Season Two of "Bosch"

For those of us who love Michael Connelly's books and who've been patiently waiting for the next season of "Bosch" to debut on Amazon Prime, we don't have much longer to wait. Season two will launch on March 11th. I reached out to Michael Connelly to get his take on the new season, which you can read below. But first, here's the Season Two trailer:


Chris Schluep: Did it seem like the stakes were higher heading into the second season?

Michael Connelly: I think so because I felt and Eric Overmyer felt and everybody associated felt like we had a pretty good first season. We had established the character of Bosch and the tone and grit of the show and that was really our main goal. So now what? Now that we have that down, we need to elevate and kick the storytelling up a notch. So that was most pressing. Those were the stakes for the creators. As far as the story goes, the stakes are definitely higher because in this season Bosch and Edgar follow a case that stumbles across a much bigger investigation with bigger implications. To me its a big story rather than a smaller personal story like we used in season one.

CS: How did you decide which books to use for the Season Two storyline?


MC: It all comes out of relationships. We really love the relationship between Bosch and his daughter. We wanted to carry that forward but his daughter lives with her mother in Las Vegas. Well, there was one book that has a lot of action take place in Vegas: Trunk Music. So that made that choice easy. Next, we wanted to continue to exploit the love/hate relationship between Bosch and Deputy Chief Irving. So we brought in The Drop which pulls these natural born enemies into an investigation together. And lastly, we never want to forget about what makes Harry Bosch tick and so we looked at elements of The Last Coyote because that is the most personal book about Bosch. It's the story of his mother's murder and his finding out what happened.

CS: Will there be more jazz featured on the show, and was doing so important to you? Is jazz the music you listen to when you're writing the Bosch books? 

MC: I listen to a lot of jazz while writing the Bosch books. It helps drop me into that zone. So I think, yes, it is important to get that into the show. It is a character stroke. It says something about him. This year we have it underpinning many scenes and we even had a live performance. We have a scene filmed at the Catalina jazz club in Hollywood where Bosch meets his lieutenant for a drink and there is live jazz performed by saxophonist Grace Kelly. The song Grace and her band performs in the scene is actually called "Blues for Harry Bosch," which she composed for her new album. That was pretty cool. The song has a relentless sound to it that definitely says Harry Bosch.

CS: What do you hear from your fans about the show?

MC: The show's getting very high marks from readers who know the books and know Harry Bosch. I think with Titus leading the way as the main character we have put together something that captures the books but also stands alone as an addictive cop show. The master of the genre, Joseph Wambaugh said the best cop shows are not about how cops work on cases but how cases work on cops. I think that's what we've got here.

CS: Now, when you're writing new Bosch novels, does Titus Welliver register in your mind's view of Bosch?

MC: Not yet. I think because I am writing in books about a Bosch 15 years further down the road in terms of age and where he is in life, the two characters have so far remained distinctive in my creative mind. Titus is younger, more active, more driven than the Bosch I write about these days who is retired and out of the politics and bureaucracy of the police department. It makes him a bit more contemplative.

CS: What's coming next from you? 

MC: I'm working on a Bosch book for the fall. It's called The Wrong Side of Goodbye.

CoyoteFor the books and songs listed in this article, see:

    Trunk Music

    The Drop

    The Last Coyote

    "Blues for Harry Bosch"

    The Wrong Side of Goodbye

 For all Michael Connelly's books, go to his author page.



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