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Just Add Magic

JustAddMagic200Finding TV shows for kids in the middle grades (ages 8-12) that are either A) not totally insipid or B) do not feature characters (usually girls) who are sassy to their parents and way too full of themselves, can be difficult.  So I was pretty pleased when I watched the pilot episode of Just Add Magic with my nine-year old daughter a few weeks ago. 

The show is based on the book by the same name, about three seventh grade girls (BFFs, natch) and the adventure that ensues after they find an old cookbook and begin to try some of the oddly named recipes.  As you might guess, these are no ordinary recipes and the "Keep 'Em Quiet Cobbler" causes narrator Kelly's annoying little brother to go temporarily mute.

Like the book, the TV series has mystery, fun, cooking, and friendship--it reminded a bit of the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books, except in this case it's the kids themselves creating food with magical results.  And they seem like nice kids, kids who enjoy sports and cooking and figuring things out.  The first episode ended on a bit of a cliff hanger but today the rest of the series released (it's on Amazon Prime video--something I recently tried for the first time when everyone was talking about The Man in High Castle ) and it's not just my daughter looking forward to learning if Kelly's grandmother is cursed and what's up with the scary-seeming old lady across the street...holy banana pants.

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