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Weekend Flashback: Donna Tartt, Terry Prachett, Kate DiCamillo, Toby Barlow, Alice Hoffman, JFK, and more

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni.

IT Mari tallied readers' responses for the 10 Scariest Books You've Ever Read

In the lead-up to All Hallows' Eve, we asked our Amazon Books Facebook fans to cast their vote (via comments) for the scariest book they'd ever read. Out of nearly 500 votes cast, 38% went to Stephen King. Fans split on which of his books were the freakiest, but there was one clear winner. Read More
IT Alex presented Happy Halloween Comics in a day-early Graphic Novel Friday

Happy Halloween! This special collector’s edition of Graphic Novel Friday arrives on a Thursday—just in time for the greatest holiday of them all. With no familial baggage or end of year expectations, Halloween’s all party. In keeping with that sentiment, our Top 10 Halloween comics of the fall are less about the fright and more about the groovy monster mashed-ness of the evening. Raise a dark chocolate and let’s get spooky. Read More
Toby Barlow Robin presented Toby Barlow revealing his Ultimate Evil Darlings

Looking through the various lists of great suspense books, I'm surprised at how few women there are to be found. To me, female authors have always had had a much greater sense of what is disturbing and wrong in this world. There are good strong men writing about the dark stuff, guys like Charlie Houston, Max Brooks or, I suppose, Stephen King. But to me men mostly shock while women truly haunt. Four of the most frightening authors I know of were women, and while the following list may seem terribly obvious to many, in my opinion they still aren't mentioned nearly enough and, just like our evening prayers, these are names that should be recited over and over again. They are my dark angels. Even thinking about their work now sends the chills creeping. Read More
Camelot's Court Jon took a look at JFK 50 years later... with tons of new books

There’s no mystery why Kennedy, his brief administration, his personal life (both secret and otherwise), and—of course—the assassination have inspired tens of thousands of books, including several new novels and children's books. The 50th anniversary of his death has spawned dozens more, several taking fresh looks at the inner workings of Kennedy’s White House. Read More
The Carpet People Seira presented an interview between Cory Doctrow and Terry Pratchett about The Carpet People

When Pratchett sat down for a chat with one of our other favorite authors, Cory Doctorow, the result is as funny and interesting as you might expect from these two, as they discuss The Carpet People, authority, and the underdog... Read More
Day One We presented the "Day One" Journal of Short Stories and Poetry

Those of us who love to watch writers' work develop over years have much to celebrate today, namely the unveiling of a new, high-quality digital publication devoted exclusively to short fiction and poetry, and with a focus on new and undiscovered authors. Aptly named Day One, this weekly journal features previously unpublished short fiction and poetry by tomorrow's literary luminaries. Read More
Alice Hoffman Neal presented a two-part series from Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman provided two excerpts from her recent book, Survival Lessons. Based on her own experience as a cancer survivor, this is a deeply personal and profound collection of essays on dealing with trauma and loss. Read Choose Your Friends and Choose Your Relatives. Read More
Bountiful Mari shared a delicious recipe from Bountiful for Roasted-Pumpin Ice Cream

Photographers and foodies Todd Porter and Diane Cu have a phenomenally popular blog,, where they share their love of cooking seasonally with veggies and fruits from their lush Californian garden. Their first cookbook, Bountiful, boasts 100 recipes (90 never-before-seen) with a vegetable or fruit in a starring role. We especially love this ingenious roasted-pumpkin ice cream (with simple and complex variations), a supremely autumnal indulgence, either alone or with your favorite fall pie. Read More
Flora & Ulysses Seira spoke with Kate DiCamillo about turning squirrels into superheroes

I was really excited about meeting Kate DiCamillo in person recently, but also kind of nervous in that way that happens when you are finally going to be face-to-face with someone whose work you have long admired. Then I hit the lobby of our building, and there was this tiny woman with a big smile, and all my anxiety just fell away. DiCamillo is as warm and kind in person as her books would suggest and I had the best time chatting with her about donuts, squirrels, superpowers, and of course, her new book... Read More
Donna Tartt Neal presented How I Wrote It by Donna Tartt for The Goldfinch

"A book is always one person speaking directly to one other person. So though in different parts of the book, I felt as if I were writing to different people (which is not really as strange as it sounds, given that this book took ten years to write), I always feel that I'm writing to one person, never an audience. But the person varies." Read More

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