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Weekend Flashback: RIP Tom Clancy, Plus Author Interviews With Elizabeth Gilbert, Ben Dolnick, and more

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni.

The Hunt for Red October Neal paid tribute to the "Master of the Military Spy Thriller," Tom Clancy

Across an unparalleled career that began in 1984, with the smash success of his debut novel, The Hunt for Red October, Clancy created the modern paragon of the militarized spy thriller. Clancy’s novels, perpetual New York Times bestsellers, most of them featuring his tough-guy, ex-Marine CIA agent hero, Jack Ryan, are considered classics of the genre. Read More
Brandon and James Seira shared a conversation between authors Brandon Sanderson and James Dashner

Brandon Sanderson and James Dashner are no strangers to best seller lists, and both have big things happening right now, including the release of their fantastic new books. We loved them both -- Sanderson's Steelheart was a September Best of the Month pick and Dashner's The Eye of Minds is on the list for October. Both novels are the first in a new series... Read More
Ben Dolnick Kevin met up with Ben Dolnick to chat over drinks at his favorite bar.

During a surprise thunderstorm, No. 7's cozy, Edison bulb-lit aesthetic was the perfect hideaway from the rain and lightning. The restaurant's classic look — dark wood, tiled floors, vaulted ceilings — is starting to feel scarcer and scarcer in Fort Greene, an old Brooklyn neighborhood that is seeing a lot of change and development since the installation of the massive Barclay's Center just a few blocks away.This was the place picked by Ben Dolnick, author of the new book At the Bottom of Everything... Read More
The Signature of All Things Mari dug deep into moss and more in her interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

My conversation with Gilbert in Seattle last spring was one of the highlights of my book-loving life, so I decided to post a lightly edited transpcript of our conversation, broken it out by topic, so you can listen in and jump to the topics that most intrigue you. Read More
Loren Long Seira honored Read for the Record Day by sharing thoughts from author and illustrator Loren Long

"In my mind the picture book is a coveted institution. Something that can't be replaced easily by any medium in life. We can all see the educational, behavioral and creative benefits of reading to children at early ages. But what I embrace about reading to children the most is a less tangible benefit." Read More
Boxers & Saints Kevin spoke with Gene Luen Yang about his NBA long-listed Boxers & Saints

Boxers & Saints is thrilling, funny, sad, but most of all, deeply ambivalent. The two-volume comic, written by Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese), confronts the Boxer Rebellion, a two-year uprising in 1899 in which violent nationalists sought to combat the presence of Christianity in China. Yang's work deals with the story from both sides, represented by the protagonist in each book. Read More
Graphic Novel Friday Alex rounded up some fantastic comic collections for Graphic Novel Friday.

With comic collections, size does matter—especially thanks to recent advances in archival packaging, resulting in exceptionally bound, carefully curated, and lovingly restored books that stand head-and-shoulders above past collections in both actual size and merit. What follows below are but a few that release in time for fall and cause our bookshelves to sway. Read More

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