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Weekend Flashback: a Nobel announcement, Mark Twain lives again, and interviews with Jhumpa Lahiri, Rick Riordan, Andre Dubus, and more

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni.

Twerp Seira presents a great book roundup and great YA author roundtable for Anti-Bullying Month

These are all well-written stories that have a lot of kid appeal. We also have a special kind of Q&A to share below, the result of after these authors getting together to ask each other about bullying. Read More
Twerp Sara scored a one-on-one with Jhumpa Lahiri, author of The Lowland

"I want a book to speak for itself; I think that is my job as a writer. It's not unlike my goal as a mother. I think any parent's ultimate goal is to give a child what he or she needs to survive independently. You give a child a life and you teach the child to walk and then you teach the child to walk away. Because you have to. I approach my writing in a similar way, or at least I try to..." Read More
Munro Chris revealed the news that Alice Munro is the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature winner.

"When I began writing there was a very small community of Canadian writers and little attention was paid by the world. Now Canadian writers are read, admired and respected around the globe. I’m so thrilled to be chosen as this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature recipient. I hope it fosters further interest in all Canadian writers. I also hope that this brings further recognition to the short story form." Read More
Allegiant compiled Octobers best in YA books

The giant stacks of books that are covering most of the flat surfaces in my house (I have a chair that I might as well just start calling a bookshelf) rose to towering heights for the months of September and October, with so many good books coming out. Read More
Dirty Love Neal presented a video interview with Andre Dubus on how he wrote Dirty Love

Andre Dubus III's sadly beautiful new book contains four novellas, four stories of love and loneliness, desire and deceit, loosely connected by geography (north of Boston) and circumstance (love on the rocks). Dirty Love explores the inevitable challenges faced by long-married couples. Yet, despite the bleak desperation of his characters, Dubus manages to imbue these stories with glimmers of hope and happiness. Read More
House of Hades Seira celebrated the release of Rick Riordan's latest with a video interview

Riordan introduces some great new characters: twin dwarves who like to steal shiny objects; Hecate, the goddess of magic and the crossroads; and brings back characters from earlier books--you may remember a certain vampire cheerleader and an Einstein-haired Titan named Bob? Read More
Mark Twain Chris spoke with editor Benjamin Griffin about volume 2 of the Autobiography of Mark Twain

"Mark Twain wrote: 'What a wee little part of a person’s life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself.' He keeps coming back to the frank admission that a totally truthful autobiography can’t be written. And yet his autobiography, just because it spills over into so many areas of life, is uniquely revealing of his mind and his world. He seems to be many men, yet the final impression is of someone definitely singular." Read More

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