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Weekend Flashback: National Book Awards, Man Booker Prize, Celeb Photographer Matt Hoyle, Interviews with David Laskin and Anita Elberse, and more

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni:

The future of the entertainment industry, the history of the bra, the finalists for the National Book Awards, the young winner of the Man Booker Award, world-class comedians mugging for the camera. and more.

National Book Awards Kevin presented the National Book Awards finalists in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Young People's Literature

Among the finalists are Jhumpa Lahiri for The Lowland (our September Best of the Month spotlight pick!), who Sara Nelson interviewed just last week, and Gene Luen Yang, who I spoke with about his comic Boxers & Saints the week before that. Read More
National Book Awards Kevin spoke with Anita Elberse, author of "Blockbusters" about the future of the entertainment industry

In Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment, Anita Elberse explores all the elements behind making the biggest hits in movies, TV, music, books, and sports. The entertainment industry has seen a rapid shift around the way it consumes pop culture. And perhaps counterintuitive to the democratizing influence of the internet, entertainment businesses are successfully making bigger bets on even bigger titles.... Read More
Comic Genius Robin presented Matt Hoyle's whimsically aesthetic Comic Genius, with some exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary

Award-winning photographer Matt Hoyle combined high hopes, dogged persistence, intuitively clever conceits, and inspired artistic execution to bring us to this point. And it all culminates in Comic Genius, a collection of more than 100 unique portraits of more than 80 name-brand comedians -- sprinkled with insightful one-liners and loaded with visual nuance. Read More
Luck Seira took a closer look at the National Book Award finalists in Young People's Literature.

Of the 10 nominees for the National Book Award in Young People's Literature (now there's a mouthful...) the five finalists were announced this morning. The shortlist includes a great mix of titles, including a couple of our recent YA favorites... Read More
The Luminaries Chris shined a light on the Man Book Prize winning book by 28-year-old Eleanor Catton, The Luminaries

The Luminaries, which was an Amazon Best of the Month selection in Literature & Fiction, is part historical fiction, part mystery, and a whole lot of good writing. The story takes place in New Zealand in 1866. Walter Moody, just-arrived to find his fortune, fairly quickly discovers himself among twelve important men of the community who are trying to solve a recent crime... Read More
Sabertooth Swordsman Alex Carr's inner fanboy defied willpower to talk about Sabertooth Swordsman in Graphic Novel Friday

Normally, I try to feature a book close to its publication date, but in the case of Dark Horse’s Sabertooth Swordsman by Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley (out in late November) I need to talk to someone, anyone about it—-anywhere.


Read More
The Family Neal presented an excerpt from David Laskin's "The Family"

"Day in, day out, the shop door of the stone-clad, vaguely French Renaissance building at 36 West Fifty-seventh Street would swing open and another lovely customer--patroness, Mrs. Bissett like to say--breezed in. Rich, of course, fashionable, bobbed, cloche-hatted, displaying the requisite inches of ankle and lower calf. The ideal Enid Frocks type. Alas, Itel knew at a glance that, when the dress was done, neither she nor the new patroness would be one 100 percent happy. The problem was the patroness’s bust...." Read More

Read More

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