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Introducing the "Day One" Journal of Short Stories and Poetry

Those of us who love to watch writers' work develop over years have much to celebrate today, namely the unveiling of a new, high-quality digital publication devoted exclusively to short fiction and poetry, and with a focus on new and undiscovered authors. Aptly named Day One, this weekly journal features previously unpublished short fiction and poetry by tomorrow's literary luminaries.


Day One's first issue starts with a strange and wonderful short story by University of Michigan M.F.A. Rebecca Adams Wright. "Sheila," the robotic dog that lends the tale it title, will certainly the charm puppy-lovers among us, but it's her owner, a loyal and elderly widower, whose emotional register marks the key thrust of this gentle tale and drives it forward to its surprising conclusion.

Wichita State University M.F.A. candidate Zack Strait provides the inaugural issue's poetry. "Wrought" offers a cascade of memorable imagery that, like the tobacco smoke that the speaker's grandfather renders into various shapes, evinces an emotional trajectory that propels the poem toward its startling and resonant conclusion.

And Day One looks as good as it reads, thanks -- in the first issue -- to a cover image by artist and writer Forysth Harmon, whose rendering of a mechanical heart ties the written work of the issue together, resulting in an arresting and relevant whole.

Available to read on Kindle and free Kindle Reading Apps, Day One enables readers looking to find "what's next" to do so in far less time (and for less cost) than taking out a pile of subscriptions to the many literary journals out there today

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