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Weekend Flashback: Lost Souls, Sci-Fi Awards, Vampires Reborn, and Authors Interviewing Authors

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni.

The Woman Who Lost Her Soul Neal Thompson dug deep to learn more about Bob Shacochis and The Woman Who Lost Her Soul.

Reading The Woman Who Lost Her Soul (one of our Best Books of the Month for September) is a commitment, a marathon, a revelation, and an absolute thrill. But I must confess: I started this book, as I do others that exceed the 500-page mark, with skepticism and a plan to sample twenty pages and move on. The first hundred pages flew past, as did the next hundred, and the next. I wasn't just hooked, I was transfixed. Here's how the book, ten years in the making, came to be... Read More
Hugo Awards Robin A. Rothman celebrated Sci-Fi with a recap of the 2013 Hugo Award winners.

Sci-Fi fans: Wondering which writings won Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Graphic Novel, and more? Whether one of three nominated Doctor Who episodes beat out Game of Thrones and Fringe? Whether the Hobbit overpowered the Avengers? The 2013 Hugo Awards have been announced, and we've got your answers... Read More
Best of the Month Neal Thompson revealed the opening lines to all ten of the team's Best of the Month picks.

What do the Ozarks, Somalia, Haiti, Iceland and the Olympic Peninsula have in common? They're all featured locales in our editors' picks for the Best Books of September. As with most great stories, these books all launch with finely crafted opening lines. Like the first notes of a song, the first words of a book play a vital role--they can hook you, or not. Here are the catchy, hooky opening notes of our Best Books of the Month... Read More
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Seira Wilson warmed us up to Holly Black's YA vampire book The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.

So, we've all heard for the last couple of years that vampires are dead in YA (no pun intended), but Holly Black's new novel, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown puts a twist on the genre that is as relevant and refreshing as the cover image. This book made me love vampires again and easily earned a spot as one of the Best Teen & Young Adult Books of September... Read More
The Affairs of Others Chris Schleup presented an author-to-author conversation between Jess Walters and Amy Grace Lloyd about The Affairs of Others.

Amy Grace Lloyd's novel The Affairs of Others, which Entertainment Weekly described as a "mesmerizing debut," is the story of a woman who buys a small Brooklyn apartment building following the death of her husband. As the tale unfolds, she is drawn further into her tenants' lives, but that's just the start of it. Jess Walter, author of the acclaimed novel Beautiful Ruins, got together with Amy Grace Lloyd to ask her some questions... Read More
Perrotta and Grodstein Neal Thompson presented an author-to-author chat between Tom Perrotta and Laura Grodstein about each other.

Tom Perrotta and Lauren Grodstein each have books coming out in September--Grodstein's thoughtful third novel, The Explanation for Everything, and Perrotta's first short story collection, Nine Inches. Turns out they're devoted admirers of each other's work. Here, they discuss faith, writing, the New York Mets and the inescapability of New Jersey... Read More

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