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Weekend Flashback: Fall cookbooks from across America, LGBT award news, and interviews with Delia Ephron, Scott Anderson, Jonathan Lethem, and more

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni: a delicious idea for a superhero, an amazing roundup of regional cookbooks for fall, a look at a "dark love letter to Iceland," the backstory about a hot title in YA, a new award category for the Lambda Awards, an approach to photographing food you've simply gotta see, and much more.

”Delia Sara Nelson presented an Amazon Asks with Delia Ephron on Books, Mantras, and the Lure of Pastries.

It's not easy to be funny, sad, smart and a little loopy all at once, but novelist/screenwriter Delia Ephron makes it seem so in her very personal collection of essays, Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog. Here, with characteristic wit, she answers some of our favorite questions. Read More
”Lawrence Chris Schluep shared his video interview with Scott Anderson, author of Lawrence in Arabia.

This summer, I met the author Scott Anderson at The Half King, the New York bar that he co-owns with Sebastian Junger. We were there to talk about his book Lawrence in Arabia, which was published this August, and I was thrilled to sit across from Scott and listen to him talk about a book that had kept me reading during many a late night. Read More
”Hannah Emily Ayres talked to Hannah Kent about our Best of the Month debut spotlight pick, Burial Rites.

Ubiquitous darkness permeates Hannah Kent’s debut novel--the harsh, bleak landscape is certainly not softened by the storyline: Burial Rites (our Best of the Month debut spotlight pick) is the tale of the last woman to be publicly executed in Iceland. Despite this gloomy outset, Hannah Kent’s elegant prose manifests an obvious love for darkness, and the effect is riveting. Read More
Lord of Opium Seira Wilson got the scoop on how The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer got its title.

It's been 11 years since Nancy Farmer's The House of the Scorpion was released, a book so well loved and admired that it won the National Book Award for Young People's Literature and was both a Printz Honor and Newbery Honor title.  After all this time, I was amazed when I heard that this year she would publish the sequel and I crossed my fingers that it would live up to the high bar of the first book. Read More
Bronwen Hruska Neal Thompson presented revisits Accelerated with Bronwen Hruska

By day, Bronwen Hruska publishes the works of others. As the head of Soho Press, she's published such Amazon editors' faves as A Beautiful Truth and Little Wolves. Her other job, as mom to two boys, prompted her to explore a tricky topic--the overdiagnosis of ADHD and the over-medication of boys--that's at the core of her funny, smart, chilling debut novel... Read More
Great American Eats Mari Malcolm mapped out the best in regional cookbooks

As I happily drowned in this fall's flood of gorgeous, endlessly inspiring new cookbooks--many of them from renowned restaurants from New York to Napa, many with a strong regional flair--I got curious about the other American cookbooks I admired that weren't assertively regional. Read More
”Big Chris Schluep presented a photo essay featuring images from Big Appetites by Christopher Boffoli.

"My serendipitous choice to employ what is essentially toy figures and food gave the work a power I did not foresee as these two components are among most common things in just about every culture in the world. Everyone can identify with toys from childhood. And whether you eat with a fork, chopsticks or your fingers, food is accessible to people cross-culturally. I’m sure those choices were the basis of how enthusiastically received these images have been around the world." Read More
”Dissident Kevin Nguyen shared a video interview and transcript of his interview with Jonathan Lethem.

"I actually really like exile in a funny way. I've done my best writing about New York from a distance. Most of Motherless Brooklyn and Fortress of Solitude were written at an artist colony [called] Yaddo in upstate New York or while I was living in Toronto for a while. There's something about dreaming my way back to New York that seems to really work for me. Pining for the place, trying to restore it in my own imagination leads to good things." Read More
Love and Rockets Alex Carr celebrated a Lambda Awards announcement with a great Graphic Novel Friday roundup

"For the first time ever, the Lambda Literary Awards will honor LGBT Graphic Novels in their own category..." While we wait for the award winners to be announced in spring of 2014, here is a list of our favorite graphic novels that have LGBT themes and/or characters. It’s by no means comprehensive, and we’re hoping Omni readers will add their favorites to the comments! Read More

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