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Weekend Flashback: A big dose of nonfiction, stepping into a book for a day, Banned Books Week, and... Jim Carrey?

Because the week can get hectic... Here's what you might have missed recently on Omni: Editorial picks for Banned Book Week defenses, Mari and Jon putting down the books and getting out into nature, a biographer compiles a list of books his subject loved, and, of course, interviews. But wait, what's Jim Carrey doing here?

Banned Books Week For Banned Books Week, the team stood up for seven great books, with each of us on the Books editorial team writing a defense of one book.

For us, cracking a new spine, turning another page, and letting ourselves be transported by the written word is crucial to our happiness. Which is why it's so painful to hear the words "challenged," "banned," and "burned." Read More
Banned Books Week YA Seira had a three-way tie choosing which YA books to defend during Banned Books Week.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Suicide, sex, drugs. Okay, I get why Thirteen Reasons Why might make some parents uncomfortable, but these are topics that frequent teenage minds and hallways. The story is intriguing: Clay Jensen receives a box of audiotapes recorded by Hannah--a classmate and love interest who recently committed suicide.  The tapes take him on a journey of the 13 incidents--and the people who perpetrated them--that led to her decision to end her life... Read More

Thank You For Your Service Chris spoke with author David Finkel about his personal and moving book Thank You for Your Service.

"My research really started when I embedded with the 2-16 infantry battalion during its fifteen-month deployment to eastern Baghdad during the Iraq War "surge" of 2007-2008. The story of what happened to those soldiers became my first book, The Good Soldiers, and The Good Soldiers is what allowed and informed Thank You For Your Service, which is the second volume of the story." Read More
Thank You For Your Service Jon dove in and asked the hard- hitting questions of controverisal scientific author Richard Dawkins.

With his latest release, An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist, Dawkins pulls back the curtain on his upbringing, eductaion, and the events that led him to a career as a groundbreaking geneticist, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at his early research techniques and ideas. He stopped by our room at Book Expo America in May to talk .... Read More
Erica Jong Sara and Erica Jong discussed the long-lasting effects of her 1973 book Fear of Flying.

"Fear of Flying has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide over four decades. There have been frankly sexual books before and since [see chart below], but this one is still considered groundbreaking. To what do you attribute its staying power?"... Read More
BOOKTITLE7 Mari recapped (pun intended) a Mushroom Hunters' trip with author Langdon Cook.

Our whole editorial team got an unusual invitation: Langdon was headed out to the south end of the Olympic Peninsula, hunting the first chanterelles of the season with two of the pro pickers profiled in his book. They'd be shadowed by a crew shooting a new PBS show called Food Forward. Would we like to come? This was like being asked if we wanted to step into the book for a day, to meet the characters and experience the hunt--an opportunity too rare to miss... Read More
The Longest Ride Chris got to know bestselling author Nicholas Sparks a little better.

What's next for you?

I have two feature films based on my novels slated to go into production in February 2014, a TV pilot shooting this November, and I’m working on writing two novels simultaneously. Read More
David Foster Wallace Kevin presented David Foster Wallace biographer D.T. Max's collection of 10 books DFW loved.

D.T. Max's biography of the late author David Foster Wallace, Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story, was released in paperback in August. To celebrate, D.T. sent along a diverse list of books Wallace enjoyed. Read More
Jason Mott Chris learned that The Returned author Jason Mott's current obsession is also his favorite method of procrastination,

Jason Mott has a lot to be happy about. His novel The Returned received multiple starred reviews. It hit the New York Times best seller list. And ABC Studios picked up television rights, with the show already slated for the 2013-2014 midseason... Read More
How Roland Rolls Seira introduced actor/comedian Jim Carrey as a debut children's book author.

"I wanted to be a part of that wonderful moment where parents read story books at night. When there's nothing else but you and the person you love most sharing a common experience. I also think that beautiful illustrations capture everyone's imagination. And at a very early age a silly little picture book can introduce kids to the fantasy world that worlds and thoughts create." Read More

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