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Roald Dahl's "Matilda" on Broadway

MatildaMusical300Roald Dahl remains one of my favorite children's book authors and whenever his name comes up in a conversation about books I've found that he is universally loved, and everyone has their favorite Dahl title (mine is James and the Giant Peach, what's yours?).  When I heard that one of his best known books has been adapted into a musical, I immediately thought, "how great is that!?"  Pretty great, as it turns out--Matilda The Musical has won four Tony Awards and been widely praised by critics and theater goers. I'm hoping when I get to New York in November I'll be able to go see it (or maybe it will come to Seattle!) --I think I'll read Matilda again, just in case... 

Sadly, I'm not eligible to enter for a chance to win the Matilda The Musical sweepstakes, which includes a trip for four to New York and VIP show tickets (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Sweepstakes ends 9/30/13.  See Official Rules), but the lucky Roald Dahl fan is who wins this one is in for a real treat (and yes, I am totally jealous).

Another reason Dahl is on my mind these days is that it was his birthday last Friday, September 13, so I'm commemorating him with the collage of covers below that reminds me of how many wonderful books he wrote.  Now I kind of want to have them all lined up on my bookshelf...wouldn't that be pretty?

CharlieElevator BoyTalesChildhood CharlieChocolateFactoryBFG CharlieWillyWonka160

DannyChampion Matilda GiraffePelly FantasticFox JamesPeach






EnormousCrocodile EsioTrot GeorgesMedicine MagicFinger








HenrySugar MissingGoldenTicket Twits GoingSolo

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