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YA Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling)

Okay, so I know Harry Potter is not a YA book (though they did get progressively darker, no?) but since Harry's birthday falls on a Wednesday this year, and I have these cool new covers to share, I figured, why not?  And in case you aren't up on your Potter trivia, Harry and his creator, J.K. Rowling, share their July 31st birthday.  That's handy...

In just a few weeks something big is happening with the series--Harry's getting a makeover.  If you love the Mary GrandPré covers you grew up with, no worries, they aren't going away, but are being joined by new paperback editions with covers designed by graphic novel author and illustrator, Kazu Kibuishi (which I'm loving).  The new editions aren't available until August 27, but here's a look at a few of them, along with the originals--what do you think?

HP1_new_cover  HP4 HP6

HP1_old HP4_Old HP6_old

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