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Brave Horse Sessions: CIA Agent Jason Matthews on "Red Sparrow"

SparrowJason Matthews spent more than three decades as an overseas operations officer with the CIA. His job was like being "a clandestine journalist"--stealing secrets, telling stories. When he retired, he decided--like other ex-agents before him, from John LeCarre to Ian Fleming to Charles McCarry, all of whom he admires--to put his knowledge of international espionage into telling stories that could actually be read by those without a security clearance. There was just one problem. Thirty-three years earlier, he had signed a secrecy agreement, barring him from writing about the agency without approval. That meant his thrilling debut novel, Red Sparrow, had to be fine-tooth-combed by the CIA's "publication review board."

In this session with Amazon editors at the Brave Horse Tavern, he described the process of getting the nation's spy agency to sign off on his fiction, and about the writing of Red Sparrow (which was selected as one of our Best Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Books of 2013 So Far). 

Brave Horse Sessions: Jason Matthews, "Red Sparrow" from Amazon Books on Vimeo.


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